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Tronc Commun - MOD-M-Bi-Ad-Aero-ECO-C3 : International Economy and sustainable development


International Economy and sustainable development

The international economic structures of the world are undergoing enormous change. We seek to understand the key elements of this change, to analyse what point we have already reached in this global shift and to see which paths are sustainable and will lead to the most promising future.

Thus the course will clarify if the current paradigm in international economy, international finance and macroeconomic regulation is sustainable. This question will be enriched by an analysis of the impacts of changing environment on management and citizenship through the concepts of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development.

Objectifs pédagogiques

The course aims:

- To give a broad understanding of international trade theories

- To deal with changing of global economy and the globalisation debate (economic, social and ecological limits)

- To increase comprehension on how environment influences international economy, international management, the consumer and all the society

- To increase the awareness of sustainable development and sustainable development strategies (planned obsolescence, rebound effect, circular and positive economy, efficiency, sufficiency, consistency)

- To introduce the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and to show how climate change action can be a business opportunity

- To open students mind and develop critical thinking skills, to work in teams and improve communication skills (written and oral communication)

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