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Tronc Commun - MOD-M-Bi-Ad-FluidM-C2 : Fluid mechanics


The aim of this module is to give basis and tools in fluid mechanics to solve a process engineer problem. Through the lectures, different concepts and definitions will be broached such as: pressure, hydrostatics law, real and ideal fluids, friction forces, Bernoulli equation, head losses and head gains… Several examples treating engineering applications are chosen to illustrate the lessons: study of a flow in a pipe, power of a pump needed to balance head losses and so on.

Two practical works of three hours each complement the lectures. The main objectives of the 1st case study are to experimentally characterize head loss due to friction in a pipeline and pressure loss due to bends or elbows, to compare the experimental values to those calculated from suitable correlations and to conclude based on data extracted. The main objectives of the 2nd case study are to observe the formation of a boundary layer over a flat plate and measure its thickness and, then, to characterize the pressure distribution over an aircraft wing.

Objectifs pédagogiques

At the end of the module, students will be able to:

  • understand and apply local and global hydrostatics equations.
  •  know dynamic viscosity and Reynolds number definition.
  •   apply Bernoulli relation in order to compute velocity field, flow rate, and pressure field for ideal and real fluids.
  • compute (major and minor) head losses and head gains in a fluid pipe network.
  • compute dissipated power due to viscous friction forces.
  • critically assess experimental data and results and compare them with theoretical or state-of-the-art data
  •   analyze both outputs from experiments as well as correlations, looking for the major contributing factors

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    Bernoulli relation (ideal and real fluids)

    Introduction to boundary layer (practical work)

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