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Module 3 - Process description
The students must engage in explaining processes describing operations, and documenting information to their classmates. They should be able to explain how to operate a machine in a simple way, for example and will be encouraged to request clarification if the meaning of a message is not understood.
Listening/speaking capacities : understand instructions related to a simple technical task, describe a process for others for clarification (discussion/ meeting)
Reading/ writing capacities: take notes on a process / write a summary of a process / provide a detailed description, Speedwriting, etc
At the end of this course, the students should be able to ....
Explain processes
Describe objects, operations
Request clarification
Give instructions and directions
Language Focus:
Grammar :
Simple present/ simple past, active and Passive,
Noun clusters
Vocabulary :
Word families on processes
Markers on sequencing and clarifying
Prepositions of place and movement
Cause, effect
Physical descriptions
Presentation skills (structure, visual supports,...)
Culture Focus
Work environment, intercultural issues/ topics. Use their work placement as an example to discuss team work, relationships, management, international network, languages, etc.
Problem based learning (PBL) : introducing group projects can be a good taster for their future jobs and responsabilities. This activity does not have to be highly scientific but as a non-classic learning method, students will engage in solving a problem / making decisions and working together on a problem of their choice.
Module 4 - Transmedia Storytelling
Transmedia is about telling a story across multiple media in order to explain, convince and entertain. It is a collaborative and interactive work that engages effectively the students in their language learning.
The course will be divided into 3 basic units:
Transmedia Television : use of transmedia storytelling as part of television programming by focusing on 3 case studies : Lost, Game of Thrones, and Battlestar Galactica.
Digital Media and Culture : an exploration of how we use digital media to participate in various aspects of contemporary culture. Topics include privacy, identity, and online community formation; remixing, mash-ups, and digital video production, gaming.
Case study : a commercially produced media extension ( comic, website, game, mobisode, amusement park attraction, etc)

Objectifs pédagogiques

Process Description & Transmedia Storytelling
Module 3 - Process description
Course objectives
The course is designed to present an industrial process, its organisation and its context within the operation of the company. The use of work placement-related content and context is a valuable opportunity to ensure language development : oral presentation and technical english.
Module 4 - Transmedia Storytelling
Course objectives
The course is designed to enhance
the ability to search for, remix, and distribute information on various media platforms;
the ability to manage, analyze, and synthesize multiple streams of simultaneous information

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    Process Description :

    jeux de construction avec des activités liés aux phrasal verbs

    Transmedia :

    étude des cas - fake news / debunking

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