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Tronc Commun - UE-M-MILES-SCALE-DFM : Demand & Flow Management

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Developing a customer oriented point of view on Supply Chain Management. Particularly, this module will develop interactions between Marketing and Sales with SUpply Chain business processes, and pull-flow strategies such as Demand-Driven Planning & Critical Chain (including certification DDP) and Constant Work-In-Process (ConWiP). 

Objectifs pédagogiques

Course 6.1 : Marketing Logistics

  • Be able to implement a Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)
  • Know the Efficient Consumer Response toolbox and its main tools (Cross Docking, Vendor Managed Inventory, Collaborative Planning Forecasting Replenishment)
  • Know the main rules and technologies for tracking and trace material flows (ISO standard, barcoding systems, RFID…)
  • Understand the main challenges that are imposed to Supply Chain Management by marketing and commercial functions
  • Know the main business processes of a Sales Administration Department and the postponement (delayed differentiation) mechanism

Course 6.2 : Demand-Driven Planning & Critical Chain (DDP certification)

  • Know the limits of usual MRP II approaches
  • Understand the flow and demand management benefits, particularly regarding the different types of buffers (inventory, time and capacity)
  • Know the planning and execution of DDMRP technique
  • Be able to implement DDMRP on simple cases.
  • Be ready to get the DDP credential.
  • Know the principles of Critical Chain Project Management approach and its benefits

Course 6.3 : Constant Work-In-Process (ConWIP)

  • Know the main techniques of pull-flow strategies.
  • Understand the Constant Work-In-Process technique for managing material flows.
  • Implement it on a specific use-case through a computer-aided simulation approach.

45 heures en présentiel
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  • Cours Magistraux : 45
  • Travail en Autonomie programmé à l'EDT : 45

150 heures de travail personnel estimé pour l’étudiant.

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Pour les élèves du diplômeManagement of International Lean and Supply chain projects

Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management Global Supply Chain Management Project Management

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Pour les élèves du diplômeGestion mention Supply Chain And Lean Management

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Pour les élèves du diplômeManagement of International Lean and Supply chain projects

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Programme détaillé

Course 6.1 : Marketing Logistics

  • Distribution Requirement Planning
  • ECR, inclunding cross-docking, VMI, CPFR, EDI, and barcoding.
  • Marketing & Sales relationships
  • Postponment and delayed differentiation

Course 6.2 : Demand-Driven Planning & Critical Chain (DDP certification)

Session 1: NFTF 1 (8 hours)

      • The MRP Revolution
      • Evidence of a Problem
      • The New Normal
      • Plossl’s First Law
      • Demonstrate Flow’s importance in industry
      • Plossl’s Law Caveat
      • “MRP versus Lean” Conflict
      • What “Demand Driven” really means
      • Demand Driven Operating Model
      • Demand Driven MRP

Session 2: FTF 1 (8 hours)

      • Six Positioning Factor
      • Decoupled Lead time
      • Matrix Bill of Material
      • Inventory – Asset or Liability
      • Buffer Profiles
      • Buffer Zones
      • Calculating Buffer Levels
      • Recalculated Adjustments
      • Planned Adjustments
      • Manual Adjustments
      • Factors for Planning Adjustment Factors

Session 3: FTF 2 (3 hours)

      • Part Planning Designations
      • DDMRP Planning Process
      • Supply Order Generation for Stocked Items
      • DDDRP Supply Order Generation Considerations
      • Supply Generation for Non-Stocked Items
      • Decoupled Explosion
      • Prioritized Share
      • Challenging Priority by Due Date
      • Buffer Status Alerts
      • Synchronization Alerts
      • Execution Collaboration

Session 4: NFTF 2 (3 hours)

      • DDMRP Strategic Buffer Criteria
      • DDMRP and Safety Stock
      • DDMRP and Order Point
      • DDMRP and Scheduling
      • DDMRP and WIP Priority Management
      • Compare/contrast MRP, Lean and DDMRP
      • DDS&OP
      • Analytics for Master Settings changes and model improvement
      • DDS&OP protection for critical strategic impacts
      • Program Summary
      • Expected Benefits of DDMRP
      • Get Started with DDMRP

Course 6.3 : Constant Work-In-Process (ConWIP)

  • Basic concepts of ConWIP
  • Application on concrete cases

Mots clés

Demand-Driven MRP, Distribution Requirement Planning, Efficient Consumer Response, ConWiP, Critical Chain Project Management

Méthodes pédagogiques

Face-to-Face sessions, Non Face-to-Face sessions, Exercices, Use Cases

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