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Tronc Commun - MOD-M-ADPH-SoMgmtQ-Lean : Lean, team management, QRM, audit


This teaching unit includes :

-Lean management, a new type of management, in which people are at the heart of the process, and not simply the implementation of Lean tools, as is often the case in practice...

-Continuous improvement, a method for continuously improving all of a company's products, services or processes.

-Issues and Strategies for Business Process Outsourcing in Pharma Services:

Presentation and perspective of the challenges of outsourcing services whether IT or regulatory. It will be a question here of proposing a chronology starting in the XXth century and of describing the evolutions and different approaches, in particular the evolution of successive apprehensions by the service providers (from subcontracting to BPO through BOT (build– operate – transfer) and JV) and delivery models (local & near-shore & off-shore).
A second part will consist of measuring the requirements necessary for these orientations and the gains that can be expected.
Finally, a third part will lead students to think about future developments taking into account technological and sociological parameters against the background of questioning the principles of direct savings through indirect costs.

Objectifs pédagogiques

At the end of this teaching unit, learners will be able to:

- know what is Lean: tools and philosophy
- answer why should the pharma industry go Lean today
- Implement a Lean approach: brakes and levers.
- know the basis of continuous improvement and how to apply this method
respond to an outsourcing tender by proposing a solution (solutionning) and its operating account (P&L). - claim to a level of account manager of an outsourcing service company or of a junior buyer in outsourcing services

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