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Tronc Commun - MOD-M-BiW-PPROC-SOL : Fly ash, bottom ash and pyro-gasification chars valorization


This module includes the following courses:

  • Fly ash and bottom ash from incineration: Part 1 describes the formation and production of incineration ashes in different types of incinerators. Particular attention is given to the fate of metals during incineration. Part 2 addresses quantities, trends, composition, and properties of incineration ashes. In Part 3, the management, use and valorization of incineration residues is discussed.
  • Pyro-gasification chars: Analysis and characterization of chars and their valorization routes. This module is focused on the valorization of biochars as solid biofuel, additive in building sector, adsorbent, catalyst, electrode or supercapacitor, and for soil amendment. The methodology is based on the determination of the characteristics that are requested for each application. In a second time, the valorization ability is deduced from the comparison of biochar properties and targeted properties.

Objectifs pédagogiques

  • For the course “Fly ash and bottom ash from incineration”:
    • The students understand the content of the course.
    • They are able to reproduce some main issues of it.
    • They can explain and use the rest.
    • They are able to make a distinction (with the help of oral lectures) between main and side issues.
  • For the course “Pyro-gasification chars”:
    • Determine the key properties (and orders of magnitude) requested for such application
    • Justify the possibility to use or not a biochar (knowing some properties) in a specific application

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Pour les élèves du diplômeBiomass and Waste for Energy and Materials

The first knowledge on: 1) biomass, and wastes; 2) thermo-conversion processes and their products; 3) 4) physico-chemical analyses and characterizations methods

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Pour les élèves du diplômeBiomass and Waste for Energy and Materials

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Face-to-face course.

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    Programme détaillé

    • Fly ash and bottom ash from incineration: 15 h of face-to-face teaching.
    • Pyro-gasification chars: 9 h of face-to-face teaching and 1.5 h of video-conf.

    Writing exams are programed for each course.

    Mots clés

    Fly ash; Bottom ash; Incineration; Thermo-conversion; Chars; Characterization; Valorization

    Méthodes pédagogiques

    Face-to-face course and video-conf.
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