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Tronc Commun - MOD-M-BiW-PPROC-LIQ : Pyrolysis oil cleaning and upgrading and leachate management


This module includes two courses : 1) Pyrolysis oil cleaning and upgrading and 2) leachate management.

Both courses will be teached face-to-face.

Objectifs pédagogiques

The course: “Pyrolysis oil characterization, cleaning and upgrading” includes the following objectives:

  • Understanding of the basics of the pyrolysis processes, especially the influence of the operating conditions on the products yields.
  • Studying heat and mass transfers at biomass particle scale, and at reactor scale.
  • Studying deeply the composition and properties of bio-oil, and the analytical techniques used to characterize bio-oil.


The course “leachate management” includes two part.

  • The first part concerns leachate from landfill activities. These are among the most difficult effluents to be treated. They contain organic and non-organic pollutants and their composition differs depending on the type of waste stored, the weather and the holding time in the land­fill body. The main processes used to treat this leachate and their costs will be presented.
  • The second part is related to the leaching tests. These latter are specific tools used to assess the environmental behavior of materials containing waste. The mechanisms of mass transfer/transport during the leaching of porous solid materials containing inorganic pollutants and the main standardized EU leaching tests are discussed.

After this course, the students will be able to describe the composition and properties of pyrolysis oil and landfill leachate; to select appropriate methods for their characterization; and to propose routes of treatment and/or valorization of these products/co-products.

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Pour les élèves du diplômeBiomass and Waste for Energy and Materials

The first knowledge on: 1) biomass, and wastes; 2) thermo-conversion processes and their products; 3) Landfill and its products; 4) physico-chemical analyses and characterizations methods

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Pour les élèves du diplômeBiomass and Waste for Energy and Materials

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Face-to-face course

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    Programme détaillé

    Each course includes 15 h of face-to-face teaching.

    An exam will be scheduled after each course.

    Mots clés

    Pyrolysis oil ; Landfill leachate ; analysis ; characterization ; valorization; treatment ; leaching test

    Méthodes pédagogiques

    Face-to-face course
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